What is it

Oxfam Edu is an educational social network, which supports Oxfam Italia’s Global Citizenship Education.

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) helps to develop responsible citizens who are committed to a just and sustainable world. It is an education that defends human rights and the environment and promotes responsible consumerism, nourishes respect for interculturalism and values diversity, that encourages gender equality, participation, co responsibility and a commitment to building a fair society.

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The social network OxfamEdu is a space gathering the educational projects of Oxfam Italia, both those which include a virtual exchange among schools from Italy and the South of the World, and those of education for global citizenship requiring a work to be carried out in class in Italy.

Every proposal deals with different issues and offers learning resources to help teachers to carry out the activities and study in depth those issues. The activities have been created using active and participatory methodologies based on the cooperative learning approach.

Our proposals are interdisciplinary and therefore they are open to teachers of all subjects. Often they are divided according to the age of the target students and have different objectives. Moreover, most of our projects include a training course for the teachers, so that they will be able also to use this platform.

For further information on the current and the completed projects, click on “Projects” on the menu above.