Human Rights in Migration: A Mediterranean Youth Perspective

The new Dossier produced by MedNet2 is finally online!

When deciding to create a new Dossier, MedNet partnership had no doubt on what to choose. 

The volume of the migration flows, both intra-regional and between the Mediterranean southern and northern shores was increasing and affecting more and more young people. We felt the need to get more information, understand, deepen the topic and exchange good practices and to do it from a human right and youth perspective.

The results is a Dossier trying to picture a diversified, complex migration made of people, most of them under 30 years old, migrating for socio-cultural, religious and political reasons as well as economic one, moving from a wider range of countries and creating new migration patterns. We see the features of our countries changing quickly: Italy, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia, historically considered as emigration countries, have now turned into immigration or in transit country and Eastern Mediterranean countries like Bosnia Herzegovina have organized in order to host asylum seekers as well, while living one of the most evident brain drain of all history.

It must be said that since we started exploring the topic, March 2015, the Mediterranean situations changed very fast: the Syrian migration crisis got worst, a new deadly migration route appeared in the Balkans, different terrorist attacks were carried out in Europe and the Middle East and there were other thousands of victims in the Mediterranean route. Eastern European countries reacted by closing their borders, xenophobia and hate speech and crime have increased and human rights have seen unacceptable violations.

However, here we are. Enjoy this new Dossier!