Young people on the move

Young People on the Move: exchanges among schools of the world to raise awareness of the right to education in a global context” is an educational online exchange among secondary schools from Tuscany and Bosnia. The objectives of this project are to increase opportunities of intercultural exchange; broaden knowledge of different cultures through this virtual learning community by gaining experience of cooperative learning and new technologies; encouraging students from both countries to become more aware and to acquire a greater critical approach of the issues dealt with by identifying peaceful solutions through concrete actions to possible cultural conflicts. Last but not least, the project aims at improving the command of English of both students in Italy and those in Bosnia.

The exchange will be based around three training modules and will last approx four months. It will focus on migration from different perspectives.

The project includes two days training for teachers, which will be carried out by Cooperativa Interculturale Oxfam Italia and will be held both in Tuscany and in Bosnia. Such training is aimed at ensuring uniformity of teaching methodologies and will present teachers with the different IT technologies used, all teaching and background materials and the methodologies to carry out the class activities, which will last for approx four months.