18th Human Rights Meeting

The Do the Right(s) Thing project

The Human Rights Meeting is an annual educational project for schools which has been running for 18 years in Tuscany, Italy promoted by the Tuscan Region and in collaboration with Oxfam Italia. As from this year, the project has taken on a European perspective and will be carried out in Lower Normandy - France, Istria – Croatia as well as in Tuscany. The project is aimed at lower and upper secondary schools and will foresee different activities.

Educational Courses for Secondary Schools

Schools will initially participate in an educational course between October and December 2014 which will explore different issues related to this year’s human rights. The course is made of a number of different activities based on active and participatory learning methodologies to stimulate students’ engagement. The educational course foresees teachers training in Italy and a trainers training in France and Croatia related to the specific human rights topic and the methodological approach of global citizenship education which will prepare teachers and trainers to carry out the course independently. All teaching resources needed to carry out the course are provided.


A Dossier will be published as well as being available online which will explore this year’s rights in focus. This publication will be aimed mainly at schools so that they can deepen their understanding of this year’s rights.

Human Rights Meeting

The educational course will prepare schools for the Human Rights Meeting which will take place on the 10th December, 2014 in Florence, Tuscany, on the 22nd January, 2015 in Lower Normandy and on the 27th January, 2015 in Istria, Croatia. This event will bring together many thousands of students and teachers who will gather together to celebrate the Declaration of Human Rights, focusing on this year’s human right along with special guests.


During the educational course, classes will be given the opportunity to produce a 30 second video in which they promote this year’s human right. These videos will be shared on the online platform and will be voted by all the classes. The top 5 voted videos will appear during the Human Rights Meeting and will be translated (if necessary) into English so that the other countries participating can understand them.

If the students plan an activity that is suitable for the Human Rights Meeting, such as a flash mob or rap, they will be able to contact the organizers in each country to see whether it will be possible for the group/class to share their idea during the event. All ideas will also be shared on the online platform.

Last of all, once having finished the educational course, classes are asked to come up with a question they would like to ask the guests who will be present during the Human Rights Meeting. A handful of questions will be chosen according to the guests invited and will be shared with all those present during the event. The questions will be shown on the big screen as the guests come onto the stage and will be the first thing they answer before continuing with their presentations/contributions.

Online platform

The educational social network Oxfam Edu (add link) has a section dedicated to the Human Rights Meeting that will bring together all participating classes in all three countries. Classes will be able to register from October 2014 onwards indicating their class, school, town/city and the country. (Eg. Class IV g, Institute Leonardo da Vinci, Arezzo, Italy). Registered classes will consequently be able to share and exchange some of the ideas and work carried out during the educational course directly with other classes throughout the school year.

All teaching and research materials related to this years’ human right will be available on the online platform.

Future Workshops

The issues related to this year’s human right will be further tackled through Future Workshops (Democratic Participation workshops), involving a limited number of classes from upper secondary schools that have previously participated in the educational course and in the Human Rights Meeting. Future workshops will take place between January and April 2015 in all three countries. The conclusions and proposals will be presented in a public seminar with regional decision makers in May 2015.

For more information, please contact:

Italy: Valentina Ciarpaglini: valentina.ciarpaglini@oxfam.it

Tel: +39 (0)575 182481 Fax: 0575/909819

France: Sarah Barnier Leroy: sarah.barnier-leroy@2idhp.eu

Tel: +33 (0)2 31 26 30 93

Croatia: Ana Šimić: ana.simic@istra-istria.hr

Tel: +387 52 352 177