Youth Learning Mobility: Moving to Learn better

The European Union policy on youth learning mobility

The EU Learning mobility is considered by the European Union Institutions, especially the EU Commission, a very important and effective tool to increase:

  • education quality
  •  the opportunities of work
  • and to promote intercultural understanding and global citizenship


Erasmus+ is the EU Commission Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport developed from the European union for the period 2014-2020.

Among the Erasmus+ programmes, two are the more relevant for youth mobility across Mediterranean countries,
1)  the Erasmus+ related to “Joint Master Degree” which is a continuation of the former Erasmus Mundus, and is therefore for Higher Education and
2) the Erasmus+ “Mobility Project for  Young People and Youth Workers, for activities related to the field of youth non-formal and informal learning, which can be considered the continuation of the former “Youth in Action Programme”. Both these programmes are open not only to young people coming from Programme countries, but also to those coming from a Partner Countries