E-course on Using the Casebook of Migrants for Self-Training

A tool for social workers, career counsellors and trainers of career counsellors working with migrants.  


Casebook is a three-year project that started in September 2014. It is funded by the Erasmus + Programme, under the KA2 Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices and is coordinated by Verein Multikulturell. By applying the case method to career guidance with migrants, CASEBOOK wants to provide concrete tools for the daily practice of career counsellors, social workers and trainers of career counsellors working with migrants. This project wants to strengthen their guidance skills through structured training activities and a case study manual focusing on migrants and ease the process of insertion of adult low skilled migrants.   


Every year nearly 4 million people migrate in the EU. About 2 million of these come from outside the EU and 1.5 million are EU citizens who migrate between the different Member States. Career counsellors and social workers are one of the essential actors for the integration of migrants, as they help them to ‘find their way’ in the host societies, both in the world of work and in the overall society.  

CASEBOOK is designed to use the case method to create a Casebook and two targeted e-courses for Career Guidance Practitioners working with migrants. Due to using the Socratic method, which stimulates critical thinking and problem solving skills, Casebooks are very powerful, as the learning is similar to learning from practice.  


The project focuses on 3 main areas: (1) creating a European Casebook of Career Counselling with Migrants collecting 60 cases from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the UK; (2) developing 2 guides, one on Using the Casebook for Training Career Counsellors and Social Workers and the other for Self  Training of Career Counsellors and Social Workers; (3) developing 2 e-courses, one for trainers of career counsellors and social workers and one for self training of career counsellors and social workers. Every partner will pilot the intellectual outputs with 30 career counsellors, social workers and 30 trainers of career counsellors.


  • Ease the process of insertion of adult low skilled migrants by developing a Casebook on career guidance delivered to migrants, and a set of additional tools to ease and spread its use;
  • Strengthen the intercultural and interpersonal guidance skills of career counsellors to develop a more effective guidance service to immigrant users;
  • Enhance the knowledge of migrants about the job market, increase their employment possibilities, develop their self-guidance skills and have a real impact within migrant communities contributing to a reduction in the number of low-skilled adults  

This project is developed by a network of organizations that already cooperate in other projects focused on migrants. All the partners belong to countries (Austria, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Italy and France) where migration is significant but has different features. Case studies have been collected through the collaboration with experts, career counsellors and social workers, have been carefully chosen and organized in order to provide help for career counsellors at the European level.