“MEDNET - Innovation, dialogue and networking for a new young leading class in the Mediterranean area”

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MEDNET - Innovation, dialogue and networking for a new young leading class in the Mediterranean area”  is a project run by Oxfam Italia that was born in 2014 in order to support the event "Networking for the Inclusion of Young People of the Mediterranean Basin" promoted by the Region of Tuscany on the 23rd and 24th of September in San Rossore (PISA).

During this 2-day event, 100 participants, representing 38 different associations and coming from 11 different Mediterranean were involved in plenary discussions and 4 different working which laid the foundations for the creation of MedNet Network, a real exchange space and a permanent confrontation among youngsters from the whole Mediterranean area.

The Region of Tuscany and Oxfam Italia have come together in this project in order to to reinforce young people’s role in the democratic processes, make them feel that their voice can be heard and highlight that it is one of the most powerful driving forces towards real change. Study and mobility, unemployment, youth participation in politics and gender equality and equal opportunities are the 4 main pillars of MedNet. In 2015, a new topic, migration, will be introduced and discussed while further exploring the other topics.

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