E-course on Using the Casebook of Migrants for Self-Training


This online course is part of the Casebook project and aims at deepening your knowledge and understanding of using the Casebook in your daily work!

It is intended for career counsellors and social workers who want to gain or improve their knowledge, skills and competences to better support migrants in accessing the labour market.

You can choose among 10 different Units according to your needs, preferences and curiosity.

Even though the course starts with the basic information and gets to more specific units, each unit is a stand-alone, which means that and is made of both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises where you can practice what you have learnt and share your reflections. For each exercise, you can choose whether you want your activities to be visible to all the users who are attending the same Unit or if you want them to be private. To know how, please click here

Last but not least, each Unit also includes a quick assessment and an evaluation that will be necessary to check your progress, let us know how we can improve the Units and receive the course’s Completion Certificate.

Here you have the course index:

Unit 1 – What is guidance, why migrants need career guidance and how this process can be supported by CASEBOOK?

Unit 2 – Guidance Models and Narrative Guidance

Unit 3 – Analysis of the Guidance Need (working with Cases)

Unit 4 – Intercultural Competences and Guidance

Unit 5 – How to choose the right cases?

Unit 6 – Provision of valid national background information for the CASES

Unit 7 - Quality criteria in working with the CASEBOOK method

Unit 8 - Casebook and Case Study Production

Unit 9 - Special key facts for Guidance of Migrants in groups using Casebook

Unit 10 - Case Studies in Guidance

Enjoy your Units and, please do not hesitate to ask for support if needed!

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