MedNet2 - Innovation, Exchange and Networking for a New Leading Class in the Mediterranean Area


MedNet is a project financed by the Tuscany Region and led by Oxfam Italia Intercultura that aims at reinforcing the awareness and the work of youth associations of the Northern and Southern Mediterranean area that want to play an active role in understanding the ongoing processes of cultural, economic, political and social change. It all started in 2014 when different associations gathered on this platform to exchange views and reflections and create and deepen their knowledge about topics which are fundamental to young people.

On the 23rd and 24th of September 2014, something great happened: around 100 young people from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Haifa gathered in San Rossore, had the chance to keep on reflecting on youth issues in different workshops and met decision makers from many Mediterranean countries. A statement was produced and we are now working in order to make it happen.

During this year 2015-2016, MedNet has got to its second edition, MedNet2.

This is a crucial time for us: it is our chance to strengthen and widen the network in a structured way so as to put together on a permanent basis different actors of civil society and keep on sharing knowledge and good practices.

We explore different topics and challenges that young people of the Mediterranean area face daily  in order to find shared and common solutions. We do it by following Oxfam’s Learn-Think-Act process: first we make researches, collect data and support experts in setting up Dossiers, then we reflect on the topics by taking part in online activities and finally we meet and… plan the actions that we want to take!


Oxfam Edu is our house: it is the place where we are free to share our thoughts and reflections because we are not judged . It is the place there the "Think" part of the process happens.

Here we will be thinking about our experience of the issue, considering critically what can be done about the issue, and relating this to values and worldviews while trying to understand the nature of power and action. On this platform you will find Non Formal Education activity (one for each topic, one each month). Participants must register on the platform, click on MedNet when choosing the project and interact.

Oxfam Edu wants to be your living room, the keyboard of your computer should be your sofa and the atmosphere should just be the one in which you feel valorized, listened to and appreciated. It is a special house: as well as change comes from within, we will be bringing change into society worldwide.

“Citizenship is not obtained by chance: It is a construction that, never finished, demands we fight for it. It demands commitment, political clarity, coherence, decision. For this reason a democratic education cannot be realized apart from an education of and for citizenship” - Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed


Partners of the network in MedNet2:

Association Jeunes pour Jeunes (AJJ) - Morocco

Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) - Lebanon

Sawty Chabeb Grand Tunis (Bizerte) - Tunisia

AIESEC Bizerte - Tunisia

Perpetuum Mobile - Bosnia Herzegovina