Erasmus+ Funding: Apply!

Funding opportunities under Key Action 1

Applications for Key Action 1 activities are now closed but you can still enroll in our courses.

Oxfam can offer you support and structured training courses for KA1 Mobility for School Staff and KA1 Mobility for Adult Education Staff

Although the application forms for these two actions are different, in order to apply for the funds there are common steps that we advise you to follow:

  1. Once you have decided to apply, please remember that only your school/organization can apply (not individuals).
  2. Register your organization on ECAS and the Participant Portal
  3. Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed, or install it for free from the Adobe website
  4. Consider that Oxfam Italia can:
    – guide you and support you during the whole process
    – advice you on how to draft your European Development Plan
    – offer you several structured courses that best fit the needs of your school/organization

Discover what we can provide!

  1. Download and save your Application eForm then open it in Adobe Reader – please refer to the European Commission’s Technical Guide (updated 15.01.2015) if you experience any issues with the eForm
  2. Submit your application online

A reminder of additional Key facts on how to apply can be found here