Applying: what you should know

  •   Erasmus+ is the EU Programme which funds activities in the field of education, training, youth and sport between 2014-2020. It integrates, amongst others, the previous LLP Comenius, Grundtvig and Youth in Action programmes. It is divided in three Key Actions (KA).
  • Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 Staff Mobility establishes funding for what used to be called In-service Teacher Training, but not only. There are more funding opportunities than ever before to support teachers travelling abroad for both in-service teacher training courses as well other mobility opportunities such as job shadowing.

  • Although the application to the Erasmus+ funding is now closed you can still enrol in our courses.

  • Schools and NOT individuals must apply for funds by writing a European Development Plan.

  • You, as a school, can apply for as many teachers to join courses as you need to.

  • The funding for your school can last for either one or two years.
  • You can apply for funding under the following categories – Travel, Course Fees, Individual Support, Organisational Support – which allows schools to receive €350 per participant for its support and administration.

  • OXFAM ITALIA’s courses meet Erasmus Plus requirements for funding and can help you with your European Development Plan.

  • If your school is awarded a grant, it will receive 80% up front and 20% once the training is completed.