Erasmus+ and In-Service training: Be Informed

Erasmus+ is the new EU funding programme for staff mobility and development in Primary and Secondary schools and for Adult Education.

Even though the name ‘Comenius’ and ‘Grundtvig’ are still used for School and Adult Education applications under Erasmus Plus, you will find detailed explanations about them in the Erasmus Plus Programme Guide under KA1 – Staff Mobility.

Funding is available for different target groups  from all EU member states plus additional countries as follows; Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, FYR of Macedonia. Schools/Organizations apply for funding for as staff members as they wish to send abroad for in-service training. OXFAM can offer structured courses for you and your colleagues.

A European Development Plan for your School/Organization

An important part of the new application for funding is the description of your school/organization’s ‘European Development Plan’.

OXFAM ITALIA would be very happy to assist you by explaining how our courses can form an integral part of your European Development Plan under Erasmus Plus: Comenius/Gruntvig and we invite you to make a plan that includes sending your staff to join our structured courses in Arezzo, Florence and other destinations.

How Does the Funding Work?

The Erasmus+ grant is regarded as a contribution to your project costs. When applying for a Key Action 1 project for school education/adult education staff you are eligible to receive funding for the following cost headings on a per participant basis:
– Travel
– Individual Support
– Organisational Support
– Course Fees
– Special Needs Support

Please note that our courses are structured in such a way that they could be fully financed by the Mobility Staff grant.