Erasmus+ Form: Be prepared

To apply for a Staff Mobility grant you must fill in the corresponding e-form. Remember that there are no hard copies of forms to be sent. Everything needs to be submitted on-line, so be prepare: all signatures must be scanned and attached.

For the e-form in your own country, please browse your own National Agency website by checking this list of all National Agency contacts.

Here you can find the English version of the Erasmus+ application and the Italian version.

You can also find a technical guidance for completing the application form.


The eForm is a PDF file which needs to be opened and edited using Adobe Reader. If you do not manage to open it, you will need to update your Adobe Reader version  which is free to download from

– After clicking on the link to download the eForm from the Erasmus+ website, immediately download the form to your PC in order to be able to properly save the form after filling it in, by clicking on ‘Save a copy’ in the left-hand corner of the PDF. The e-form is now ready to be filled in.

– One you have saved the e-form locally, you do not have to be connected to the internet to enter information into the form.

– Instead, you will need to be connected to the internet to complete certain functions such as checking your PIC code and validating the form using the ‘validate’ button at the bottom of each page.

– It would be recommendable to validate each page as you complete the e-form in order to make sure that every section is updated.


We are pleased to answer any questions you might have as you go through the application process. Please contact

For further information on how to apply, please visit our “ERASMUS+ FUNDING: APPLY!”