Intercultural Mentoring Program

 Intercultural Mentoring Program

A resource to promote social inclusion and educational success for migrant students in secondary schools


The Intercultural Mentoring Program is an innovate 5-day training course for teachers and educators interested in reducing early school leaving and in improving the learning abilities of students with a migrant background, by using inclusive approaches in a multicultural educational context.

The Intercultural Mentoring Program model has been designed by Oxfam Italia thanks to long experiences on the educational field within Italian secondary schools. The model has been tested in different cities (Milan, Turin, Bologna, Arezzo) and in the last years it has been evaluated and has improved in the frame of an European project called INTOIntercultural mentoring tools to support migrant integration at school Comenius multilateral project 2012-14. It also has been selected as a “success story” by a panel of experts from the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission.

From these experiences, the training offers an opportunity to reinforce teachers and educators intercultural skills by identifying, training, supervising and evaluating – within our schools or organization – a group of mentor students who are meant to guide and support other students at risk of exclusion, with difficulties at school or during their integration phase at school.


Teachers, trainers of teachers, principals, school managers, adult educators, higher education institutions offering outreach courses for adults. In general, organizations working with migrant groups/ethnic minorities (schools, NGOs) who wish to:

– acquire tools and methodologies to know better, understand and analyze the multicultural educational context and the effectiveness of one’s educational and inclusive work (for example “The Portfolio of Integration”);

– develop teachers’ skills to measure the educational needs in a multicultural context and in situations where students suffer from difficulties in their interpersonal relationships and learning abilities;

– develop teaching methodologies and an action-research approach to promote integration at school and to improve learning abilities for newly foreign students or drop out students;

– develop teacher’s skills to promote peer education methodologies and peer mentoring approach to foster effective and individualized learning processes for migrant students;

– promote the creation of mentors’ teams within schools to test the Intercultural mentoring program;

– improve the teachers’ planning skills to monitor and evaluate the Intercultural Mentoring Program through appropriate educational tools (Teachers journal, Mentor’s logbook);

– improve knowledge of mentoring practices in extra school context like Intercultural Migrant Guide Profile to promote social inclusion.


– Linguistic competences will be enhanced by using English as the common language.

– Staff competency: teachers’ observation skills will be strengthened in order to support students in their vocational choices. Innovative Tools designed by Oxfam Italia already tested in many schools in Italy and in United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Turkey will be available. The underpinning course methodology is based on an “action-research” and peer educational approach which will include practical workshops, moments of reflection and time for individual-collective investigation and collaboration.

– European Dimension: Intercultural Mentoring Program is one of the outcomes of European Comenius Multilateral Project that involved 5 different European countries: Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The project offers adaptation to a European context of an Intercultural Mentoring program.

Each participant will leave the course with a professional development plan incorporating clear objectives for improving their daily work in order to promote an inclusive teaching method where diversity is seen less as a challenge and more as an opportunity. Organizations will benefit from teachers integrating their experience(s) into their school/local community. If your European Development Plan requires a course with a specific focus/outcome(s) or you have a general enquiry, please let us know via email.


By attending this course, participants will have the chance to:

– discuss about innovative teaching and learning methods based on peer education for the inclusion of foreign students;

– experience activities that motivate migrant students to fully participate in class, increasing class cohesion and reducing early school leaving;

– acquire new tools to observe, approach and engage multicultural classes, feeling more self-confident and prepared when facing intercultural context;

– take part in practical workshops with other teachers from different countries to share opinions, practices, methodologies and tolls;

– improve and refresh their English skills and knowledge, learning specific vocabulary.


No special preparation is required. Nonetheless, in order to make the training more efficient, participants will be asked to prepare in advance a short presentation on their educational, policy and professional context, to gather basic information about national integration strategies in their countries and to describe issues/success in reaching, motivating and involving new arrivals in their courses. It will be asked to share the practices and experiences of peer mentoring realized within own school or extra school context within the group. More information will be given once your participation will be confirmed.


We offer a flexible cost structure. This allows you to select the package that fits best your personal or school situation.

Full package 6 nights: € 1.030 (course + 2 coffee break + breakfast + lunch + accommodation from Sunday to Saturday).

Full package 5 nights: € 950 (course + 2 coffee break + breakfast + lunch + accommodation from Sunday to Friday).

Lunch package: € 500 (course + 2 coffee break + breakfast + lunch).

The paid amount will not be refunded in case of withdrawal. The paid amount will be refunded in case the minimum number is not reached. The minimum number of participants is 10.

All the cost related to travel, accommodation and subsistence may be covered by the Erasmus Plus grant.
If you want to add Oxfam Italia as a provider of a course in the application form, our PIC number is: 973820443.

If you are interested in enrolling for an Oxfam Italia Staff Mobility Training Course, please fill in the pre-registration form. You do not have to pay anything to enroll for a course but when we receive your enrolment form we will add you to our database of pre-registered course participants.


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